2018 Honeybee Removal Information

Rex Smith’s Honeybee Removal – 2018

If you are in need of having a honeybee swarm picked up, or a full colony of bees removed from a structure – please see the following links for my contact information:  (These same links are in the top menu bar on this website as well.)

Also please understand […]

Holiday Shopping – (or Get Your Honey on 11 December in Plano, Tx)

Harmony Hollow will be a VIP vendor at the upcoming Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness on 11 December 2016, selling honey and more.

This event is free to the public to attend!  Plenty of vendors to choose from for all of your holiday shopping needs and wants.  Get a VIP pass for special […]

Garden 2 Table event – Dallas

The Texas Agrilife Extension office is presenting a Garden 2 Table event – this Saturday March 5th- from 8:30am-1:00pm  at Methodist Dallas Medical Center | Hitt Auditorium – at the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Bishop Ave.

I will be offering two “Bee Talk” presentations/Q&A sessions throughout the morning, and will also have honey available […]

Bees Removed from Joist Space in home – Denton, TX

(Video below)

These bees had a GREAT demeanor!  They have been in the joist space for about 2 years according to the comb color and condition.

When I found the queen – I carried the comb down off the ladder to capture her in my queen cage – however she fell off the comb on […]

Whole Foods – Public Appearance

Talking about our beneficial pollinators today at Whole Foods at Forest/Preston from 12-3.



Spring Blooms – and Bolting Garden

The broccoli in the garden has bolted, now that the temperatures are warmer – and the bees are making sure that the plants are pollinated for the next seed crop.

Brianna’s Bees – Swarm Catch

This swarm arrived today, and settled in Brianna’s Crape Myrtle tree by her driveway. She helped me go through the cluster (YES – No Gloves, and scooped the bees JUST like I do) and put the workers into the hive, whilst watching for the queen. We spotted the queen, put the queen into a clip, […]

November Swarm

Late swarms sometimes happen.

I received a call Friday morning about a swarm that occurred – most likely from another beekeeper who was out of town for the day.   A neighbor contacted him about a swarm that had been found in her yard – behind his home.   They found them while their tree-trimmers were working […]

The ladies are hot!

  The ladies are HOT!  We’ve finally – now that we are in late July – hitting 98 to 102 degrees outside.  Bee sure to provide fresh water for your honeybees – just like you would for your dog or cat.  The honeybees use the water to help cool the hive (evaporative cooling) – to […]

Hot in Texas

One of my 7 hives is bearding outside the 5-frame nuc.  Temperatures here in North Texas are in the mid-to high 90’s right now (1st week of June 2012).    I do believe that it’s time to move these ladies to a 10-frame box along with a screened bottom board.  That should do wonders for […]