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Coming Home magazine is a publication focused towards community living and HOA demographics.

Karina Burnett -Senior Copyrighter interviewed Rex Smith of Harmony Hollow Apiary – to learn more about bees and what a beekeeper does.

Here’s a link to a digital copy of the Summer 2023 edition containing the interview – my interview starts on […]

2024 Honeybee Removal Information

Rex Smith’s Honeybee Removal – 2024


*** As of January 2024 – Rex Smith / Harmony Hollow will no longer be performing structural removals of honeybees ***

I am referring people to the following resources for bee removals:

Ft Worth area – Richard Siegrist – – 214-864-0695

Dallas Area: Ryan Giesecke – Honeybee […]

Grossly Mis-Diagnosed (…or they are NOT Africanized)

I received a call from Texas singer-songwriter Kim Townsend about honeybees that were in her family home just outside of the DFW Metroplex. She had originally called a hobby beekeeper, who got in DEEP over his head – and he had not even started a removal yet. Unprepared, he tried to pry up flashing with […]

Preparing for the 2015 Beekeeping Season

Lots of work is in the planning stages for the 2015 beekeeping season. There are boxes to build, frames to assemble, foundation to install – oh – and did I ever mention a barn to build at Wolfsong Farm? This should give me a secure space to keep my beekeeping woodenware and equipment.

Plans are […]

Brianna’s Bees – Swarm Catch

This swarm arrived today, and settled in Brianna’s Crape Myrtle tree by her driveway. She helped me go through the cluster (YES – No Gloves, and scooped the bees JUST like I do) and put the workers into the hive, whilst watching for the queen. We spotted the queen, put the queen into a clip, […]

Frozen over in N. Texas

This has been a winter of winters so far this year – and we’re not even officially to winter, yet!

I’m anxious to get out to the bee-yard and assess the hives. Once the ice and nastiness melts away, and the fields are dry enough to drive in – I’ve got a few hives to […]

Hives bumped up / LocalHarvest

It was time to bump up 2 of my 5-frame nuc hives to 10-frame boxes. I waited until the rain had subsided to a slow drizzle, and fired up the smoker.. and moved 2 nucs to 10-frame deep hives with screened bottom boards.

I believe that this will give the bees something to do besides […]

Hot in Texas

One of my 7 hives is bearding outside the 5-frame nuc. Temperatures here in North Texas are in the mid-to high 90’s right now (1st week of June 2012). I do believe that it’s time to move these ladies to a 10-frame box along with a screened bottom board. That should do wonders for helping […]

Spring Splits made

Yesterday I picked up 4 new queens with which I have made 4 new hives from my original hive that was 3-deeps of brood/stores + 2 supers on top. This should make the original hive much more manageable – and provide the nucleus frames and some genetics for many hives to come in the future.


Honeybee Trapout

Here’s a video that I took while performing the trap-out on Monday’s arrived swarm of honeybees to a neighborhood in Richardson, Texas.


After the bees exit the window-screen mesh cone, they are unable to find their way back in. Their choice is to (a) use the 5-frame nuc box with a frame of […]