Spring Splits made

Yesterday I picked up 4 new queens with which I have made 4 new hives from my original hive that was 3-deeps of brood/stores + 2 supers on top. This should make the original hive much more manageable – and provide the nucleus frames and some genetics for many hives to come in the future.


Urban Sustainable Ecosystems Symposium

Spent all day today at the Texas Discovery Gardens ( ) – manning the Texas Honeybee Guild booth for the “Urban Sustainable Ecosystems” symposium. ( )

Day two looks to be a great list of speakers scheduled as well! Amber and I will finish painting our hive woodenware before heading out to day […]

Back to beekeeping

December 31, 2011. It’s supposed to get up to 70+ degrees here in Richardson, so I’ll spend the beautiful day outside, building swarm traps for this upcoming spring.

The design is from Rob over at

I’ll tip up a glass in a toast for a bounty of bees this year!

Finished building – Last for 2011

Finished building

Here’s the final parting shot of the last build for 2011. See ya next year! Now, it’s time to work on my bee hives!

Honeybee Swarm and Colony Removal

I have added a page specifically for honeybee removals – in preparation for the 2012 Spring Swarm season.

If you, or someone you know has a swarm of honeybees that have clustered in your yard, trees, on a fence, under the eve of your home, or on your playground equipment, then give me a call. […]

Texas Honeybee Guild

Last spring, I met Susan Pollard at a show at White Rock Lake. I was a new “keeper”, and being the Bohemian that I am – gravitated right to Susan and we talked bees, hives, and more when we both had spare time from our booths.

Over the last year of research – I have […]