Heat retention in the hives

Can you guess where the cluster of bees is in each of the boxes shown? The lids in the outer two nucs are pretty thin, so there’s heat loss through the wood from the bee cluster. I’ll spend some time this week re-making some lids with thicker wood, then will wait til a warm day […]

December Honeybee Rescue

Another late-in-the-year honeybee rescue/removal performed yesterday – just as the rains and cooler weather came through. The NTTA needed the bees removed from an irrigation valve box near the Addison Airport toll tunnel.

They had called an exterminator that uses “Bees” in part of their company their name to imply that they are beekeepers. They […]

Sassafras Harvest

In the past, Sassafras root had been used as the colorant and flavoring in Root Beer. This isn’t the root beer that is based on the sugary syrup carbonated beverage we have become accustomed to in America. This was the real, genuine “root beer”. But what was it? It was actually sassafras tea. Cleaned […]