New Bee Yard Setup


A short video with highlights from setting up a new bee yard for a customer.   Hive stands, 10-frame Langstroth woodenware, and NUC colonies – delivered and setup.

If you have not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel – be sure to!  There will be a link in the video – near the end […]

Nucleus Colonies (NUC) honeybee hives for sale – Harmony Hollow

MAY 2018 – Harmony Hollow has added nucleus colonies (NUC) to the line of products available.  NUCs are a “starter” colony that include a mated and egg-laying queen of known Italian genetics, several frames of eggs/larvae/brood, at least one frame of resources (nectar/honey/pollen) and a frame with foundation for the bees to draw fresh comb […]

Preparing for the 2015 Beekeeping Season

Lots of work is in the planning stages for the 2015 beekeeping season. There are boxes to build, frames to assemble, foundation to install – oh – and did I ever mention a barn to build at Wolfsong Farm? This should give me a secure space to keep my beekeeping woodenware and equipment.

Plans are […]

False Swarm… and Bees Coming Home

We’re in the first week of February – and today was in the low 70’s (F). One of my nuc hives that I overwintered had an unusually high amount of activity around it today.

I noticed a LOT of bees circulating around a spot that where the nuc had originally placed at about 3-4 weeks […]

Warming up

I know that we’ll have a few more cold spats before spring is *really* here – but here’s today’s update from the bee-yard.

After our freezes over the holidays. The 2 youngest nucs (which were rescues) did not survive the cold. The other nucs that were started earlier in the fall – doing fantastic! It […]

Heat retention in the hives

Can you guess where the cluster of bees is in each of the boxes shown?  The lids in the outer two nucs are pretty thin, so there’s heat loss through the wood from the bee cluster.  I’ll spend some time this week re-making some lids with thicker wood, then will wait til a warm day […]

Hives bumped up / LocalHarvest

It was time to bump up 2 of my 5-frame nuc hives to 10-frame boxes.  I waited until the rain had subsided to a slow drizzle, and fired up the smoker.. and moved 2 nucs to 10-frame deep hives with screened bottom boards.

I believe that this will give the bees something to do besides […]

Hot in Texas

One of my 7 hives is bearding outside the 5-frame nuc.  Temperatures here in North Texas are in the mid-to high 90’s right now (1st week of June 2012).    I do believe that it’s time to move these ladies to a 10-frame box along with a screened bottom board.  That should do wonders for […]

Spring Splits made

Yesterday I picked up 4 new queens with which I have made 4 new hives from my original hive that was 3-deeps of brood/stores + 2 supers on top.  This should make the original hive much more manageable – and provide the nucleus frames and some genetics for many hives to come in the future.