Brianna’s Bees – Swarm Catch

This swarm arrived today, and settled in Brianna’s Crape Myrtle tree by her driveway. She helped me go through the cluster (YES – No Gloves, and scooped the bees JUST like I do) and put the workers into the hive, whilst watching for the queen. We spotted the queen, put the queen into a clip, and into a hive. The workers came in, then decided they they would roam the neighborhood for a bit. (BTW – this swarm was larger than 1 basketball in size – but smaller than 2 basketballs).

They flew 3-4 house lengths in their swarm flight – looking for their queen – so I used the queen that I had already captured to lure the bees back to the box – and they came in IN FORCE.

I’ll let the bees settle in overnight, and will pick them up and move them to the bee yard in the morning.

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