Spring Splits made

Yesterday I picked up 4 new queens with which I have made 4 new hives from my original hive that was 3-deeps of brood/stores + 2 supers on top. This should make the original hive much more manageable – and provide the nucleus frames and some genetics for many hives to come in the future.


Formal Name Change – Harmony Hollow Apiaries

Hawk’s Nest has formally changed. Our new name is: Harmony Hollow Apiaries – a division of Bohemian Utopia.

Tree Trapout – the queen emerges

The trapout that started on March 29 can officially be called a success! I received a call yesterday from the homeowner – letting me know that the queen has emerged, and was sitting on the screened-over entrance with maybe 100-200 bees. That was exactly what I was hoping to hear, since the standard procedure for […]

An Evening with Fabien Cousteau

This week, I have had the honor of spending time with Fabien Cousteau. When growing up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, I watched Jacques Cousteau and his team of explorers and researchers from my living room. They were bringing the wonders of the ocean world to the homes of anyone who wanted to see […]

Bohemian Utopia

Watch here for upcoming announcements regarding Bohemian Utopia. (Hint: We’ll be doing a LOT more than just BoHo clothing lines)

Bohemian Utopia

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Trap Out nuc – Brought Home

I went back to last week’s trap-out site last night and gathered the nuc-box and brought all the ladies home.

Today, I checked on them – and they seem to be doing very well. They have not drawn out any more comb (I had provided them a frame of comb/eggs) – but I had removed […]