November Swarm

Late swarms sometimes happen.

I received a call Friday morning about a swarm that occurred – most likely from another beekeeper who was out of town for the day.   A neighbor contacted him about a swarm that had been found in her yard – behind his home.   They found them while their tree-trimmers were working – and wanted them to be removed so that the tree workers would return.

Note the propane cylinder in the yard. That is/was a bird-house. Note also that there’s wax comb in the bird-house. It’s not a bird-house any more. (There were no bees occupying it either, BTW)  I suspect a swarm may have left the original hive in the neighborhood.  Taken up residence in the propane cylinder, and then vacated when they realized that they were in a home too small.

I shook the swarm that was in a crape myrtle tree – into a 5-frame box, and let them orient to the box.

Once I got them back to my city bee-yard, I added in 3 combs of old comb from other removals I’d performed. The bees immediately swarmed again – and I thought I’d lost them. They re-clustered on my box, though – and marched back inside. I now have a queen excluder over the entrance for a few days – and I’ll feed the bees for a few days as well.





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