Aggie Bees – Dynamite Shed

The Dallas Texas Master Gardener program (Texas A&M University) is taking over a new (to them) property – but an old dynamite shed on the land has had honeybees in the walls of it – off and on – for the last 25-30 years. After being called out to evaluate the situation, and starting the […]

Oasis Cafe – Emergency Swarm Call

Morning coffee at The Oasis Cafe after an emergency bee swarm response in their parking lot.


Friendly Bees – Removal

These bees have occupied this space for about 10 days. Even though it was a rainy morning, these ladies were gentle (no stings) and have a LOT of brood and nectar. Looking forward to seeing how they fare at the farm.

Whole Foods – Public Appearance

Talking about our beneficial pollinators today at Whole Foods at Forest/Preston from 12-3.


The Blind Butcher – Swarm

Doing our part to keep our pollinators safe – at The Blind Butcher.

Swarm at Redenta’s in Dallas

This swarm decided to land at a local nursery in Dallas ( Redenta’s Garden Shops. ) They knew who to call! These friendly ladies eagerly marched into their new (temporary) home. Their box will be upgraded to a 10-frame model in the morning at the bee yard. No suit, no smoke, no gloves – just […]

Second Floor Dormer Removal

This colony swarmed last Friday while I was out of town. Another beekeeper snagged the swarm, however the parent colony was still in the home. Way up in the soffit of a 2nd story dormer.. The homeowner had spray-foamed their entrance in an effort to kill the bees… I opened up a hole for the […]