Swarm season is here

As nighttime temperatures rise above 50 deg. F. for several days straight – the bees are able to start producing wax. This generally coincides with some of the nectar flow in plants starting – and a big buildup of brood in the hive.

I received a call yesterday a.m. about a swarm that had been […]

Feral honeybee removal from city park

Last year (around Feb-April 2012) my daughter noticed honeybees entering /exiting a bird habitat in a city park. She took a few pictures of the hive, and for the last year, we’ve been monitoring it’s progress and growth.

The hive grew large enough that they were building wax honeycomb on the exterior of the […]

Disturbing Genetic Modification Technology – Honeybees

This month I attended a beekeeping conference in which disturbing advancements in technology have been announced.

An employee of Monsanto, who works for acquired company BeeLogics indicated their intent and research into modifying the genetic makeup of honeybees by means of RNAi protein control.

RNAi – when performed naturally by the body happens from the […]