2019 Honeybee Removal Information

Rex Smith’s Honeybee Removal – 2019

If you are in need of having a honeybee swarm picked up, or a full colony of bees removed from a structure – please see the following links for my contact information:  (These same links are in the top menu bar on this website as well.)

Also please understand […]

Underground Storage Tank Bees – Trapout

There is no telling how long ago the honeybees moved into an under-slab storage tank.  This tank was built into the slab of a commercial warehouse building – and has sat unused for YEARS.  The new owners of the property want the bees to be gone, however did not want to have them killed.  After […]

Bee Tree – Trapout Completion follow-up

This honeybee trapout has been completed after about 3.5 weeks.

The queen DID come out, and has joined her workers in the 5-frame box. She is laying worker eggs, and there are worker eggs, larvae, and capped brood as well as a little drone brood. Looks like a good pattern so far – though it […]

Honeybee Tree Trapout

A trapout is an option for honeybee removal from a tree or structure.  This short 11-minute video shows the process of a trapout that was started on 6-7-2015.  Depending upon how many bees are in their colony, a trapout can take up to 6-8 weeks to complete.


Trapout – for naught…

The trapout posted several days ago will not work.  The bees have another entrance/exit about 10-15 feet in the air in the tree…  There were no foragers from the bottom, because they were simply there for ventalation.

I’ll re-evaluate the tree later in the week, and see if I can close off the main entrance, […]