Fall Maintenance – DIY Carb Jet Cleaning On Generators

No – Not directly “beekeeping” related – however, when I perform a bee removal in a location too far from electricity – I need my generator(s) to be able to do their job. Since we are about to enter the cooler part of the year when generators are likely to be used more for other […]

Magnolia Tree Bees – External Hive

These honeybees had never stung anyone living around the hive. The hive was 19′ in the air – externally built on a limb of a magnolia tree. The homeowner called around to get information on having them removed… and another “removal company” (that is really an exterminator with a “beekeeping related” company name) diagnosed these […]

De-Crystallizing Honey – DIY

One of my best harvests this summer was from a few hives that had been near a LOT of mesquite trees while they were in bloom. The honey is some of the lightest, sweetest honey that I have seen.

Unfortunately, though, mesquite nectar tends to crystallize. Quickly. Did I mention that it gets granular and […]

Observation Hive – DIY Beekeeping Project

Earlier this summer I built an observation hive which holds one frame from a Langstroth hive. This hive is a great tool for teaching at events where I speak and interact with the public regarding the importance of our pollinators.

The oak wood as well as the plexi sides and the hardware were all obtained […]