Woodenware, Bees & Plans

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  • 5-frame nuc box kit (bottom board, 5-frame deep body, frames with foundation, and telescoping lid)
  • 10-frame Hive kit (bottom board, 10-frame hive body, frames with foundation, and migratory lid)


  • Nucleus colony (NUC) in cardboard or coroplast hive body:   TBD for 2024.
  • NUC Colony in wooden 5-frame box above:

Other Equipment

  • Solar Wax Melter – Affordably made with a foam cooler and plexiglass

Bohemian Utopia Designs – and Harmony Hollow Apiary presents plans for several beekeeping products that I build and use for myself.

Included at this time are:

  • Hive Cover
  • Migratory Hive Cover
  • Hive Body (10-frame and 5-frame nuc)
  • Hive Bottom Board (solid)
  • Pollen Substitute Feeder (made from PVC)
  • 4-way Migratory Hive Pallets

The wood used for the deep hive bodies is labeled and marketed as “utility shelving” at one of the “big box stores” (the one with blue & gray signage).  It is 1×12 x 8′ in length.

Some of the lumber I use is recycled from other projects.  I was given the opportunity to get shiplap 1×8’s from a home that was being demolished – so my bottom board and lid designs are offered – with that in mind.  Standard 1×8 (or other widths) will work as well.   I highly suggest using both waterproof glue (i.e. Titebond III) as well as LOTS of long staples, or several deck screws to assemble your parts.  Pre-drilling the holes can help avoid splitting wood.

All dimensions can be altered (by you) for your personal use.  If you want to make 8-frame boxes, then great!  Or use the designs to make shorter honey supers.


All designs below are .pdf format – and most were created for tabloid paper (11×17)

Be sure to check the “Fit to page” option when printing so that the pages will resize to your preferred printer output.

BoHo Designs – Hive Covers

BoHo Designs – Hive Body

Boho Designs – Hive Bottom Boards

Boho Designs – PVC Pollen Substitute Feeder
the Pollen Feeder Follow Up post/video.

Boho Designs – DIY 1-Gallon Frame Feeder

4-way Migratory Hive Pallets

Other Plans:

BoHo Designs – Wooden Slide-In Camp Chair

Wooden Bench with 2×6 PT Boards – Leopold Bench Plans

BBSWM – Broke Boy Solar Wax Melter


Upcoming plans:

  • Queen Cages
  • 38 Liter Swarm Catch Boxes (aka Swarm Traps)
  • 5-Frame NUC boxes
  • 5-Frame NUC Lids and bottom boards
  • Migratory Hive Cover
  • QueenCubator – Queen Cell Incubator