Urban Sustainable Ecosystems Symposium

Spent all day today at the Texas Discovery Gardens ( ) – manning the Texas Honeybee Guild booth for the “Urban Sustainable Ecosystems” symposium. ( )

Day two looks to be a great list of speakers scheduled as well! Amber and I will finish painting our hive woodenware before heading out to day […]

Swarm Traps Made

(Update 2/15/2013 – Over the last year – the number one search term linked to my site has been “swarm trap plans”. Thusly – I’d like to link over to Rob’s set of downloadable plans for hive products. (Sorry – Rob’s site is no longer accessible) Old Link here: )

( and now back […]

Build in Arlington – Day 1

Tired. More got done today than is in today’s pictures. Will post more tomorrow.

Where the building goes

Skids & Floor Trusses

Side Walls & My Helper


Wood cut & ready

12/26 – I’d say that I have about 80% of the wood cut, and ready to build. Early morning and long day tomorrow for the shed to go into place. It’s right at a 50-55 mile trip each way – so I need to get as much done on day one as possible. That’s why […]

Year end work

11×11 Storage Building – Xmas Eve!

I’ll close out the year with a final storage building build in Arlington, Texas.

The build will be documented here. The first pic is of most of the materials loaded up and ready to take to the home office. As much as I hate handling all this […]

Honeybee Swarm and Colony Removal

I have added a page specifically for honeybee removals – in preparation for the 2012 Spring Swarm season.

If you, or someone you know has a swarm of honeybees that have clustered in your yard, trees, on a fence, under the eve of your home, or on your playground equipment, then give me a call. […]

Outland Apiary

Good news!

It looks like I have a great location for a few hives for next year (2012)!


Spring-fed water source (to our knowledge it has not run dry in the last 12-13 years) LOTS of wildflowers & nector/pollen forage

The down side…

The location is about 2.5 hours away from my home. That’s […]

Storage Building

Almost completed storage building.

Almost completed storage building – Garland, Tx.

In Garland. 10×16, with full 8′ side-walls. This building is almost complete in the photo. Still needs paint (homeowner doing that) as well as the door latch, and several odds & ends to finish up.