Bee Truck Maintenance – New Fuel Tank, Pump, and Filter DIY

The bee truck needed maintenance – when I bought it – the fuel pumps (both!) had rusted completely – so I put a new pump into the front tank. The tank had rust in it – so I knew it would be sooner or later than I would need a new tank, and another pump […]

Laura’s Bees

This was the first of two removals today. Great bees – but too close to Laura’s cement pond 😉 Scooped the queen in probably the first handful that I grabbed from the cluster after pulling out the comb. They all moved into the box today, and will head to the bee yard (or an observation […]

Honeybee Tree Trapout

A trapout is an option for honeybee removal from a tree or structure. This short 11-minute video shows the process of a trapout that was started on 6-7-2015. Depending upon how many bees are in their colony, a trapout can take up to 6-8 weeks to complete.


Swarm Catch – Back Porch Trash Can

This swarm arrived on a back porch around 1pm today. By 6pm when I got the call – there was a sizeable cluster on the outside of the trash can – as well as some on the inside. Scooped them into a nuc, and found the queen after a few minutes. It took a few […]