Outland Apiary

Good news!

It looks like I have a great location for a few hives for next year (2012)!


Spring-fed water source (to our knowledge it has not run dry in the last 12-13 years) LOTS of wildflowers & nector/pollen forage

The down side…

The location is about 2.5 hours away from my home. That’s […]

Texas Honeybee Guild

Last spring, I met Susan Pollard at a show at White Rock Lake. I was a new “keeper”, and being the Bohemian that I am – gravitated right to Susan and we talked bees, hives, and more when we both had spare time from our booths.

Over the last year of research – I have […]

The Bee Yard – Equipment Growth

Deeps, Mediums, and more….

This fall, I made the investment in a few more hive bodies for the growth of the honeybees.

Added to the hardware:

(5) – 10-Frame “Deep” hive bodies (15) – 10-Frame “Medium” hive bodies (100) – “Medium” frames

and I still need to procure about (100) “Deep” frames, and another (50) […]

Storage Building

Almost completed storage building.

Almost completed storage building – Garland, Tx.

In Garland. 10×16, with full 8′ side-walls. This building is almost complete in the photo. Still needs paint (homeowner doing that) as well as the door latch, and several odds & ends to finish up.