Pollinators Documentary

Below is a link to a fantastic 17 minute documentary on solitary bees (hosted on So many more pollinators are just as vital to the health of our Earth – not just our European honeybees.

Bees Removed from Joist Space in home – Denton, TX

(Video below)

These bees had a GREAT demeanor! They have been in the joist space for about 2 years according to the comb color and condition.

When I found the queen – I carried the comb down off the ladder to capture her in my queen cage – however she fell off the comb on […]

Canadian Bee Removal

These bees MUST be Canadian – because they are so polite! The story told by the comb is that they have been here for about 2 months, and that the queen is a fertile and well-laying queen with a solid brood pattern. Plus they are hard-working bees that are bringing in a good amount of […]

Skep Hive Transferred to a Langstroth Hive

These bees moved in to a “yard art” straw skep about a year ago. The top 2/3 of the skep was capped honey, and the bottom 1/3 was brood comb. The queen was found after all the comb had been removed and was placed in the commercial Langstroth hive. The homeowner wanted to keep the […]