Ross’s Bees

Bees were entering the balcony wall of this condo – and needed to be removed. The walls are appx. 1″ thick cement/stucco – so I had to use a special blade to open the wall to access the comb.

Once their void-space was opened – these bees were VERY docile.

After the […]

Royal Bees….

Royalty? No… These bees were highly aggressive when it was time to remove them from their home. At the peak of a 2nd floor soffit – protected from the sun by a high tree canopy.

The comb went about 2 feet over the living space of the house – as well as over […]

Rockwall Bees

This colony looks to have been here for several months – from the comb – I’d say they probably were an EARLY spring swarm that moved in.

The bees had entry to a joist space over this porch area. They have grown substantially in numbers since the homeowner noticed them.

Once the lower […]