Honeybee Trapout

Here’s a video that I took while performing the trap-out on Monday’s arrived swarm of honeybees to a neighborhood in Richardson, Texas.


After the bees exit the window-screen mesh cone, they are unable to find their way back in. Their choice is to (a) use the 5-frame nuc box with a frame of […]

Swarm Call

Today is marked as the first swarm call for the Spring 2012 season.

When I received the call, a few bees (scouts) were coming in and out of the tree. By the time I got there, the bees were coming in – and it was looking like a tornado of honeybees. I quickly placed my […]

Fresh Comb

It’s been three weeks, now, since I added the foundation-less frames to the hive.

Yesterday, I saw another beekeeper in the neighborhood working with his hive at a community garden. His single deep hive had swarmed, and he had caught the swarm and added them to another box. I decided that I should check […]

Spring Break

I took a week of “vacation” and worked on flooring for the house in Tyler.

Here’s a quick time-lapse video of my tear-out of the old carpet, and installation of new flooring.

Bee Larvae – MMMmm – Protein!

I decided that it was time to REALLY check out my bees for the spring… I’ve only got the one hive, so I’ve been wanting to add a box or two – to allow them to increase their numbers so that I can make a split or two off of it.

I decided to checkerboard […]