Joist Space Removal – Plano Tx 4-28-2016

Bees have been entering this unoccupied home for an unknown amount of time. (After viewing and examining the comb – I believe the space had been occupied for at least 2 years). Click on each photo for a larger version of each one – and there are 4 videos linked in this post.

Initial […]

Garage Apartment Bees

Several weeks ago, an attentive homeowner watched as a swarm moved into the joist space between floors of a backyard “garage apartment”. On eviction day – access to the comb was through the flooring above the bees. A laser thermometer showed that there was a hot-spot in the corner – marking the space where the […]

Gazebo Bees

This colony set up shop in the ceiling void space of a gazebo. That portion of the roof line is shaded – so does not get hot enough for there to be a problem with the wax melting.

These bees have a very fertile queen with a great egg-laying pattern!


Balcony Bees

Honeybees moved into the space below the balcony about a month ago. The queen was found after all the comb was removed, and was captured – and reunited with the workers and comb today. Though the comb was new and soft – a good portion of the brood comb was salvageable.


Way up there!

The homeowner had only noticed these bees over the last few weeks – up near the 2nd floor soffit. At first, we thought they were in the wall – as that portion of the roof DOES get sunshine – but upon checking – the bees were, indeed, in the soffit (as usual!). The comb was […]

Double Trouble

These bees were occupying space in 2 irrigation control valve boxes.

Lawn maintenance crews would not go near the boxes with bees, so I was called in to perform the honeybee removals.

Each hive was very small, and had queens that looked to be well mated (from the eggs and larvae pattern in the […]

Great Grandma’s Bees

This is an OLD house in the country – that off-and-on – has had bees in some space or another over the last 25 years. Previously (15 years ago) they had bees exterminated. This time, they called a beekeeper to do the job.

The house has a broken window – so the bees were entering […]

Who’s Your Wingman?

Bees have been in the wing of this garage for about 2-3 years. The homeowner had no problems with the bees… however, the neighbor did – so the city asked him to “take care of the problem”.

Luckily, he called around and called me for the live removal of the bees.

The garage wing – […]

Bathtub Bees

The homeowners had been unable to enjoy their back yard, as honeybees had taken up residence in a wall facing their back yard.

When evaluating the honeybees, I noticed that the wall had a bathroom on the inside – with the tub located to the inside of where the bees were entering. When I put […]

Chimney Cap Bees

I received a call about honeybees in a tree – (a swarm) that had emerged from a known colony in a chimney. I arrived and got the swarm settled into a box – then evaluated the cause of the problem… The chimney bees….

Thie chimney was capped with cement. The plywood backer underneath had […]