Smoking Out Bee Mites (USDA Article)

The following article was forwarded to me from a friend. It indicates that at least 20 years ago, research was being done to determine ways to get rid of the varroa mites. We now have other treatments available to us to use. And some beekeepers use methods that range from “apicentric” to the other end […]

Another Brick In the Wall

Luckily, these bees have only been in this home for about 2 months. The homeowner was trying to do yard work – and was getting tagged occasionally by bees – so his wife made sure that he called a beekeeper to do a live removal (as opposed to having them exterminated).

They were entering […]

Honeybee Out-Yard

A friend of mine has inquired several times about having hives put on their land – both for adding to the biodiversity of the land and flora, but also for the State Agriculture Exemption that includes having honeybees as livestock.

Every county can decide how many hives per acre are required, and the tax exemption […]

Somewhere Over the Bedroom

Honeybees moved into this space over a bedroom (in the joist space between floors) about a month and a half ago.

The bees were not a problem for the homeowner, however, they were concerned for the safety of their dogs – so called to have the bees removed.

The bees are entering at the junction […]

External Hive Removal

This home has had a colony of bees on the side for about a month. The homeowner was informed about the bees – and a call was made to investigate and get them to brighter pastures.

Here’s the view as I peered through the shrubbery:

I could not tell yet (for certain) whether or […]

Cliff-side Bees

Bees have lived in this soffit for a short amount of time. The property was being sold, and the new buyers wanted the bees to be removed as a part of their purchase agreement.

While the bees were in a 1st floor soffit – it was a high soffit… and a precarious drop below […]

One Bee’s Trash (can) is another Bee’s Home…

This trash can was a removal from a client earlier in the year. Bees had moved into the can last fall – and overwintered… however when they tagged the homeowner a few times – he decided it was time to call me.

I brought the bees home with me – and figured I would move […]

Condo Bees

The tenant in this condo has seen bee activity since he moved in last November. Given the number of holes in the side of the building – I am not surprised at all. He had a sticky spot on the upstairs wall of his home – which alerted him to the possibility of honeybees in […]