Mouse Guards Installed

Several weeks back, I inspected the hives, and in one of the empty nucs, found a mouse nest – with a single mouse living within. I had forgotten about installing mouse-guards when I was reducing the hive entrances and adding covers under the screened bottom boards.

I did a quick check in the hives before […]

PVC Pollen Substitute Feeder – Follow Up

Here’s a Christmas day follow up for my pollen feeders that I installed last Saturday. We had a sunny day that was nice (but windy) – and the bees were ALL OVER the pollen sub. (I use Mega-Bee from Mann Lake)

After 5 days, we have a warm day (~55 deg. F) that allows me […]

Honeybee Pollen Substitute Feeder

This week I made two feeders that provide pollen substitute to the bee-yard. Total build time for the feeders was about 5-minutes. Scroll down to view the video that was made for this project.

Pollen Substitute Dispenser on fence – View of opening

Pollen substitute ( or Pollen Sub ) is fed to […]

Mountain Dulcimer – Love Song – by Rex Smith

Rex Smith plays a personally written song on Mountain Dulcimer. Dulcimer has a more rich and full sound than indicated in the video. Dulcimer built by Terry Cannon. Inspiration to play – by Bing Futch (look up his Dulcimerica videos!).

This was take 1 – and has plenty of mistakes in it – but it’s […]