Needing a new roof!

Hail from storms this spring has prompted many homeowners to need new shingles put onto their roofs.  Unfortunately, when bees occupy space in the soffits, the work crews cannot work to hammer the new shingles into place – as the bees become just a bit perturbed at the violation of their vibrational space by hammers.


Compost Bin Bees

These bees had just moved into this compost bin in the last 2 days.  There were three small pieces of comb, and eggs as well as pollen in the comb.  The compost bin had heated up enough after the sun shone it’s light on it – that the comb melted and fell into the compostable […]

Storm-Downed Tree – Honeybee Removal

A neighbor took some good photos whilst I was removing bees from the downed tree last Sunday evening. They were pretty defensive to start with – but as soon as I puffed a little smoke – they settled down. No tags taken, though the homeowner had taken a few earlier in the day. They are […]

Second Floor Dormer Removal

This colony swarmed last Friday while I was out of town. Another beekeeper snagged the swarm, however the parent colony was still in the home. Way up in the soffit of a 2nd story dormer.. The homeowner had spray-foamed their entrance in an effort to kill the bees… I opened up a hole for the […]

Scout Bees

Scout bees. During swarm season, it is common for homeowners to notice more honeybee activity around their homes. Sometimes bees will bump & “explore” openings around your house. These very well could be “scout bees” that are representatives from a swarm – looking for a new home for the whole ball-o-bees to call “home”. If […]

Another Bee Year

Welcome, and “thank you” to all the new folks who have “Liked” our page for Harmony Hollow Apiaries. With the winter solstice yesterday, and the re-drawing out of the day lengths, our new year begins for our beekeeping world. In a few weeks, if temps are warm enough, and if the bees have enough stores […]

Frozen over in N. Texas!

This has been a winter of winters so far this year – and we’re not even officially to winter, yet!

I’m anxious to get out to the bee-yard and assess the hives.  Once the ice and nastiness melts away, and the fields are dry enough to drive in – I’ve got a few hives to […]

Swarm in my Honey House – Scooped by hand

Today Odin (our white German Shepherd) alerted me that there was something going on in the garden.

A swarm arrived into my equipment shed where I keep extra hive boxes. This video is an excerpt – showing one method of getting the bees into a box.

Note that this method is generally only used with […]

Feral honeybee removal from city park

Last year (around Feb-April 2012) my daughter noticed honeybees entering /exiting a bird habitat in a city park.  She took a few pictures of the hive, and for the last year, we’ve been monitoring it’s progress and growth.

The hive grew large enough that they were building wax honeycomb on the exterior of the […]

The City Bee and the Country Bee

In a land – not so far away, there lived a hive (or 8) of honeybees.  These honeybees were known as “city bees”.

They were well-versed in finding the flowers, pollen and nectar that were planted around humans’ homes and parks.  They visited trees, flower gardens, vegetable gardens and all sorts of city-places to find […]