Beekeepers Day (short video)

A quick minute of today’s activities. (3 hives taken to the bee yard, checked hives from the splits I made on Saturday, and responded to an emergency swarm call in Allen, Tx)

Fall Harvest in the Spring

I pulled the excess honey from 4 hives today. Yes.. 4 hives. Some of my friends know the math on the box weight…. Take a wild guess as to the weight of the boxes/honey. All hives that were doubled up with brood (2 deeps high) were split. The hives with the highest population showed signs […]

Valve Box Bees

These gentle ladies needed a new home so that the homeowners could put their house on the market to sell. I had a helper on this one- who shows a promising future in beekeeping. The valve box was almost 2′ deep, and there was a LOT of capped brood. I’ll leave the box for a […]

Spring Blooms – and Bolting Garden

The broccoli in the garden has bolted, now that the temperatures are warmer – and the bees are making sure that the plants are pollinated for the next seed crop.

Leather Crafting

A North Texas leathercrafter contacted me for beeswax earlier in the year. His intention was to use it in a recipe as a leather conditioner and waterproofing (or water-resistant) agent. He used beeswax, and softened the wax with Neatsfoot oil. You can find recipes to fit your needs in many publications or online. Here’s his […]

One House – Two Hives

1 House, 2 Hives. According to the neighbors, both of these hives have been in existence for well over 10 years. I believe it – with the hard, black propolized comb. Both hives were in the joist space between floors of a 2-story home.

Hive #1 had bees that were very gentle to work with, […]