Swarm and Potential Trapout

The homeowner called about a swarm – and told me that the bees were coming and going from a hole in a tree. Usually – there is just the bees in the tree and the customer may not know what terms to use. In this case, there truly was a swarm, as well as bees […]

Tree Limb Swarm

A short snippet of film… These bees swarmed from a Langstroth hive, and were found about 15 feet from the hive location – and about 10′ up the tree. I scooped them onto a small lid, and poured the first cluster into the hive body – which has a queen excluder underneath it to keep […]

Underground Storage Tank Bees – Trapout

There is no telling how long ago the honeybees moved into an under-slab storage tank. This tank was built into the slab of a commercial warehouse building – and has sat unused for YEARS. The new owners of the property want the bees to be gone, however did not want to have them killed. After […]

Water Valve Box – Honeybee removal

According to the homeowner, honeybees have occupied this water valve box for the last 2-3 years. The comb was dark, and a bit tough to cut – so that supports the time-frame that she estimated.

The valve box was about 18″ deep into the ground, so the comb was DEEP. The queen looks to be […]

Bee Season has begun!

Though the “swarm season” may have another week to go before it hits fully (and it WILL after a full week of rain next week) – customers from North Texas are already calling for removals of bees that have established in areas of their homes, trees, and yards.

Yesterday was removal #7 for the 2016 […]

Garden 2 Table event – Dallas

The Texas Agrilife Extension office is presenting a Garden 2 Table event – this Saturday March 5th- from 8:30am-1:00pm at Methodist Dallas Medical Center | Hitt Auditorium – at the corner of Colorado Blvd. and Bishop Ave.

I will be offering two “Bee Talk” presentations/Q&A sessions throughout the morning, and will also have honey available […]