Holiday Shopping – (or Get Your Honey on 11 December in Plano, Tx)

Harmony Hollow will be a VIP vendor at the upcoming Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness on 11 December 2016, selling honey and more.

This event is free to the public to attend!  Plenty of vendors to choose from for all of your holiday shopping needs and wants.  Get a VIP pass for special deals from select vendors.


If you are needing local raw honey for the holidays – this is your chance to get Harmony Hollow Honey before the holiday cooking starts!   (Or if you need honey for your home-remedies recipes, etc)


Products available:

  • North Texas Wildflower Honey
  • Beeswax
  • Wood Conditioner
  • Leather Conditioner


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Event Link:

Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness
2000 E. Spring Creek (at the Plano Centre)
Plano, Tx  75074

Artistic and musical performances throughout the day by:

  • Amie Maciszewski
  • Impending Bloom
  • Bhakti House Band
  • Festival Goddess: Anjali
  • Tribal Evolution
  • Ryan Taylor
  • Lidia Dalidia
  • Daniel KatsüK

Workshops and talks throughout the day:

  • Brook Cheatham:  7 MEssages Your Body Wants to Hear
  • Peggy Breeze:  Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
  • Thom Allen:  The Peaceful Warrior
  • Lisa Ware:  Goddess Chakra Vinyassa Flow + Reiki
  • Ricky Tran:  Hatha to Raja Yoga
  • Linda Cuyler:  Yoga Therapy
  • Anju
  • Lisa Chalmers:  Past Life Healing
  • Dr Gary A Berman: Getting Out of Your Way and Into Spirit
  • Dr Kat Smith:  ABC’s of Intimacy
  • Dagmar Fleming:  Unlocking Your Success Mindset
  • Terry Malek:  Truth is Freedom
  • Aman Tara:  Stress Management
  • Leslie Dillard:  The Ascention Body – Activating the Divine Blueprint
  • Stephanie Gardella
  • Fran Leigh
  • Rev. Lee Wolak
  • Catherine Cates
  • Brian Kraichely
  • Takeshi Fujii
  • Michelle Welch
  • Jennifer Rae
  • Nik Ceo
  • Swami Atma Paritosh



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