Holiday Shopping – (or Get Your Honey on 11 December in Plano, Tx)

Harmony Hollow will be a VIP vendor at the upcoming Holistic Festival of Life & Wellness on 11 December 2016, selling honey and more.

This event is free to the public to attend! Plenty of vendors to choose from for all of your holiday shopping needs and wants. Get a VIP pass for special […]

Portable Skylight? or Solar Wax Melter?

To the untrained eye – this may simply look like an innocent portable outdoor solar-powered skylight. However, to the trained and experienced eye – a solar wax melter is seen.

Take off the lid, and you may see the remnants of honeycomb that has been cleaned of it’s honey by honeybees – and then placed […]

November 13-15 2015- Blisstonia Experience (Goliad, Tx – vending)

Harmony Hollow Apiary / Rex Smith will be vending at the Blisstonia Experience in November 2015. (Fri-Sun – 13th-15th – Near Goliad, Texas). I will have the following products at the event:

Harmony Hollow Honey Wood Conditioner/Sealer Leather Conditioner Bohemian Utopia – Bohemian wearables (bags, wrap skirts, tops)

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