Hive Brand

Here’s a pic of my new hive brand for marking my woodenware. Made by a friend who is a welder/metal worker.

Late February Hive Check

We’ve had such a mild winter – it makes me worried that we’ll have a cold snap in the next couple of weeks approaching Spring Equinox.

Today was such beautiful weather. At 7pm, it’s 75 deg. F., and we hit 77 today. We’re supposed to have lows in the mid-30’s this Friday night, though.

The […]

An evening with Fabien Cousteau

Fabien Cousteau and Rex Smith

I just received word that I’ve been invited to spend an evening in April 2012 with Fabien Cousteau – grandson of Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

You remember him, right? Back in the early 1970’s, Jacques brought the wonders of our Earth’s underwater realms into the homes of America. I grew […]

Turning off comments

Sorry folks… There are too many ‘bots’ – and I’m getting about 50-100 spam comments per day. Turning off comments until WordPress can figure out a better method to protect site owners.

Beekeeping Podcasts

I wanted to share a few of the podcasts that I listen to in regards to beekeeping. If you read this, and are aware of others that I should take a listen to – then please send me a note to let me know what the link is – and I’ll evaluate it.

Organically Managed […]

The bees say that spring is here!

Punxsutawney Phil is a punk! He says 6 more weeks… well my ladies say it’s time for spring. I’m crossing my fingers in hope that we do not have a repeat of last year’s weather patters. Last year – in Dallas we had 12″ of snow in late March! On the spring equinox!!

Here’s a […]

Hive Check

We have had a few cool nights this week, with temperatures down into the mid 30’s (deg. F). When today’s temperature got up to about 50 deg. F, I decided to go ahead and check the hive. Going into winter, I had put in 4 lbs of dry sugar onto the inner cover, then covered […]

Small World…

Life always amazes me in some of the strangest ways. Today I has another reminder lesson of just what a small world it really is that we live in.

Folks & friends of friends converged from different walks of my life – and this evening – while studying for one of this semester’s classes with […]