Tree House Bees

These bees look to have taken up residence at this tree house early this last spring of 2015. (a) External Hive (b) Protected Hive (in joist space) (c) Hive in Column underneath the joist space hive. Queens were eventually found for all 3 removals – and the bees are recovering at the bee yard.



Compost Bin Bees – Removal – Garland, Tx

The first removal of two today. Honeybee removal from a compost bin. They probably have been here around 2 months from the comb condition. Found the queen quickly, and they have a fantastic demeanor.

I leave them until after sundown, and pick them up after they have all clustered into their new home.


Bee Tree – Trapout Completion follow-up

This honeybee trapout has been completed after about 3.5 weeks.

The queen DID come out, and has joined her workers in the 5-frame box. She is laying worker eggs, and there are worker eggs, larvae, and capped brood as well as a little drone brood. Looks like a good pattern so far – though it […]