One of our goals at Harmony Hollow Apiaries is to protect our vital natural resources.  Included in this goal is the aspect of education of the public as to the importance of honeybees and other native pollinators in our ecosystem and their interaction with our food-chain.

Members of the Texas Master Beekeeper Program, Texas Honeybee Guild, local beekeeping associations, as well as organic farmers participate in educating both children and adults.  We can schedule a time to speak to school-aged children, homeschool groups, Boy and Girl Scout troops, as well as adult groups.

If you feel that we can assist in showing the importance of environmental impacts – then we probably have a speaker that can assist with your function or group.

Below are a few links for quick reference.


Pests of the Hive

Varroa Mite Management

Hive Beetles

Wax Moths


Hive Management

Transferring NUC to a Langstroth box (YouTube Video)

4-Minute Hive Inspection (YouTube Video)