About my beekeeping

So you want to know a little about my beekeeping practices?

The following goals & guidelines are admittedly – taken mostly word for word from Craig at SOMDBeekeepers ( Pragmatic Beekeeping forum). His goals are right in line with mine.

1.) I use absolutely NO ANTIBIOTIC CHEMICAL TREATMENTS of any kind in my static hives. I never have, not since day one.  ( Hives used for pollination services across state lines, however, do need to be treated for mites to help prevent their spread)

2.) My honey is RAW. I never heat my honey beyond or above normal ambient summer temperatures (“to make it flow better”) during extracting or bottling. Doing so may damage the beneficial enzymes and lower its amazing health benefits.  My honey (and apiary) are run to the standards of “Certified Naturally Grown” (CNG) – and as of January 2014 – they approved my CNG status (2015 update – I have since let the CNG status lapse – I may reinstate it later on – but it really seemed to be more of a “marketing thing”)

3.) I lightly strain (NOT filter!) my honey using a single pass to remove only hive debris and bits of wax. I do NOT filter out pollen granules! All of nature’s goodness is in the bottle! You can taste the difference.  (And yes – unfiltered honey will granulate at cooler ambient room temperatures – it is STILL honey – it can be warmed, or used as-is as a spread on your foods)  My honey is bottled in a commercial kitchen, and I maintain a Texas Food Manufacturer’s Permit and am listed with (and have been surprise-inspected by) the FDA.

4.) I adhere to Organic Management practices of “Certified Naturally Grown” and inspect my hives regularly for diseases and parasites.

5.) My honey bees are queened with reliably sourced queens, bred over the years for behavior, pollination, and honey production. They also show excellent hygienic behavior in the hives. These girls like their house clean!

The end result of all this careful effort is an excellent wildflower honey that I carefully bottle and sell on a limited basis for those looking for the very best local honey available.

Ask your doctor (or qualified specialist) to explain the details and fill you in on the medically recognized benefits of local, organically managed, RAW honey!  The FDA says that I cannot make claims as to any medicinal benefits of honey or bee-products such as pollen.

If you have any questions or you live close enough to pick up a jar or two (I don’t ship at this time) please contact me by email or call my 24-hour honeybee rescue hotline at (Dallas area) 469-251-2BEE (2233).

Harmony Hollow Honey can also be purchased at:

Direct from Harmony Hollow (via Square.com)

Good Local Market – White Rock Location
at Wolfsong Farm booth ( John Wolf ) – Much of our honey is produced at his farm!

Metta Oriental Medicine – Dallas, Tx

Mystic Mandala – Plano, Tx

Dhyana Yoga Center – Plano, Tx

Rex Smith
Harmony Hollow Apiaries
Texas Master Beekeeper