BBQ Bees – To Go, Please!

These bees have survived a Texas summer, fall, and now a winter. The homeowner says that the bees moved in the BBQ pit last spring. The bees were not bothering anyone – so they let them stay for a while. Before springtime sets us in with warm weather, though – the bees *really* need to […]

NASA Generated Honeybee Forage Map

NASA has collaborated to provide information to (and from) beekeepers to show nectar flow data. Their resource lists plants in a large region, as well as whether those nectar sources are a significant forage item for the bees, or if it is not. A guesstimation is also given as to what months the particular plants […]

Storage Building – Used as a Tiny House – Backyard Apartment

Over 10 years ago, I started, marketed, worked, built, and completely ran (with an occasional helper) a company dedicated to building storage sheds in the Dallas metroplex. The photos below are one of the larger buildings that I built – that was later renovated to be a back-yard apartment. The construction photos below show the […]