NUCS – Bees for sale – Nucleus Colonies for 2021

2021 – Orders for Harmony Hollow nucleus colonies (NUC) are NOW being accepted for spring 2021 delivery.   **UPDATE 3-25-2021 – CURRENTLY SOLD OUT – MORE WILL BE AVAILABLE IN THE SUMMER ** **UPDATE 4-14-2021 – QUEENS ARE SCHEDULED FOR DELIVERY BY THE END OF APRIL.  THE FREEZE HAS AFFECTED MOST AGRICULTURE – INCLUDING THE QUEEN […]

Grow Light Fixtures for Sale

These grow lights were used for growing microgreens (for chefs/restaurants) indoors in a hydroponic setup.  A total of (18) of these lights are available.   Along with grow-light bulbs, they provide the light needed for your seed starts, microgreens, etc.

They each hold (6) bulbs (T5 high-output) in sets of 2 at a time.   These light […]

Ag Valuation with Honeybees

Agricultural Valuation – aka “Ag Exemption” – with Honey Bees

Do you own 5 to 20 acres? Are you interested in saving hundreds, maybe even thousands on your property taxes each year?

If so, having honey bees can help you qualify. We sell bees hives with an established colony (seasonally), but for those that may […]

2019 – NUCS – Bees for sale **SOLD OUT**

2019 – Harmony Hollow has added nucleus colonies (NUC) to the line of products available.  NUCs are a “starter” colony that include a mated and egg-laying queen of known Italian genetics, several frames of eggs/larvae/brood, at least one frame of resources (nectar/honey/pollen) and a frame with foundation for the bees to draw fresh comb onto.


Honeybee Out-Yard

A friend of mine has inquired several times about having hives put on their land – both for adding to the biodiversity of the land and flora, but also for the State Agriculture Exemption that includes having honeybees as livestock.

Every county can decide how many hives per acre are required, and the tax exemption […]

De-Crystallizing Honey – DIY

One of my best harvests this summer was from a few hives that had been near a LOT of mesquite trees while they were in bloom.  The honey is some of the lightest, sweetest honey that I have seen.

Unfortunately, though, mesquite nectar tends to crystallize.  Quickly.  Did I mention that it gets granular and […]

An Evening with Fabien Cousteau

This week, I have had the honor of spending time with Fabien Cousteau. When growing up in the 1970’s and early 1980’s, I watched Jacques Cousteau and his team of explorers and researchers from my living room. They were bringing the wonders of the ocean world to the homes of anyone who wanted to see […]

Honeybee Trapout

Here’s a video that I took while performing the trap-out on Monday’s arrived swarm of honeybees to a neighborhood in Richardson, Texas.


After the bees exit the window-screen mesh cone, they are unable to find their way back in. Their choice is to (a) use the 5-frame nuc box with a frame of […]

Fresh Comb

It’s been three weeks, now, since I added the foundation-less frames to the hive.

Yesterday, I saw another beekeeper in the neighborhood working with his hive at a community garden. His single deep hive had swarmed, and he had caught the swarm and added them to another box. I decided that I should check […]

Spring Break

I took a week of “vacation” and worked on flooring for the house in Tyler.

Here’s a quick time-lapse video of my tear-out of the old carpet, and installation of new flooring.