2024 Honeybee Removal Information

Rex Smith’s Honeybee Removal – 2024


*** As of January 2024 – Rex Smith / Harmony Hollow will no longer be performing structural removals of honeybees ***

I am referring people to the following resources for bee removals:

Ft Worth area – Richard Siegrist – – 214-864-0695

Dallas Area: Ryan Giesecke – Honeybee […]

January 18 2015 – Bee Yard Inspection

Not a full hive inspection – but a beautiful 60 degree (F) day – and a chance to check the pollen substitute feeders to see if they are in need of being refilled. Indeed – they were low – so after filming this short 1-minute video clip, I refilled the pollen substitute feeders.


PVC Pollen Substitute Feeder – Follow Up

Here’s a Christmas day follow up for my pollen feeders that I installed last Saturday. We had a sunny day that was nice (but windy) – and the bees were ALL OVER the pollen sub. (I use Mega-Bee from Mann Lake)

After 5 days, we have a warm day (~55 deg. F) that allows me […]

Honeybee Pollen Substitute Feeder

This week I made two feeders that provide pollen substitute to the bee-yard. Total build time for the feeders was about 5-minutes. Scroll down to view the video that was made for this project.

Pollen Substitute Dispenser on fence – View of opening

Pollen substitute ( or Pollen Sub ) is fed to […]

Bee Larvae – MMMmm – Protein!

I decided that it was time to REALLY check out my bees for the spring… I’ve only got the one hive, so I’ve been wanting to add a box or two – to allow them to increase their numbers so that I can make a split or two off of it.

I decided to checkerboard […]

Late February Hive Check

We’ve had such a mild winter – it makes me worried that we’ll have a cold snap in the next couple of weeks approaching Spring Equinox.

Today was such beautiful weather. At 7pm, it’s 75 deg. F., and we hit 77 today. We’re supposed to have lows in the mid-30’s this Friday night, though.

The […]

The bees say that spring is here!

Punxsutawney Phil is a punk! He says 6 more weeks… well my ladies say it’s time for spring. I’m crossing my fingers in hope that we do not have a repeat of last year’s weather patters. Last year – in Dallas we had 12″ of snow in late March! On the spring equinox!!

Here’s a […]

Hive Check

We have had a few cool nights this week, with temperatures down into the mid 30’s (deg. F). When today’s temperature got up to about 50 deg. F, I decided to go ahead and check the hive. Going into winter, I had put in 4 lbs of dry sugar onto the inner cover, then covered […]

Pollen Coming In – and Swarm Traps/Lures


This last weekend was beautiful in north Texas. Friday, I saw a variety of pollen coming into the hive – including a nice bright yellow-orange color; some was a pale yellow-white in color; and other -(presumably henbit) was a blood-red. The henbit has been flowering for the last 2-3 weeks, now. Daytime temps have […]