Reclaimed and Rebuilt Fireplace Mantle

(note: click pics for larger versions) Several years back, for another project – I had visited a house that was in process of being demolished – in order to reclaim some of the building materials. (Yes – with permission and blessing from the demolition crew) One of the items that was saved from the bulldozer […]

Brownsboro… by way of Ben Wheeler

An out-of-town military serviceman had been stationed on the east coast – and while renovations are being done to his Texas home – it was decided that it was TIME to take out the honeybees, so that other repairs could proceed.

He mentioned to me that he knew the bees had been there a while […]

Utility Company Bees

Another beekeeper received an EMERGENCY call about honeybees that needed to be removed from a telephone utility box. He was unable to make it – so contacted me to see if I was available. I was able to respond for the company – and take care of the bees.

The box as I approached it:


Bees Evicted From Home After Unpaid Rent Due!

This rental home in Dallas had an occupant who was had failed to pay the landlord rent to live in the space. So, the eviction process was started!

Once the soffit was opened, It was apparent the bees had been here from a late fall swarm from the year prior. The bees were […]

Grossly Mis-Diagnosed (…or they are NOT Africanized)

I received a call from Texas singer-songwriter Kim Townsend about honeybees that were in her family home just outside of the DFW Metroplex. She had originally called a hobby beekeeper, who got in DEEP over his head – and he had not even started a removal yet. Unprepared, he tried to pry up flashing with […]