Compost Bin Bees

These bees had just moved into this compost bin in the last 2 days. There were three small pieces of comb, and eggs as well as pollen in the comb. The compost bin had heated up enough after the sun shone it’s light on it – that the comb melted and fell into the compostable […]

Garden to Table – Texas Agrilife Extension

I spent the first half of today with a great team of individuals that are committed to assisting Texas residents with agriculture – whether it be in the form of commercial agriculture, or backyard gardening – and all stages in between.

Today my talk was about backyard beekeeping – covering subjects such as protective gear, […]

Bee Tree Removal

Old dead tree with almost completely hollowed out inside. FILLED with bees. Appx 10 lbs of bees were gathered from this tree. Bees were flying EVERYWHERE at the beginning – however settled down nicely after a puff of smoke. Plenty of eggs, larvae, and brood was saved from this tree. These will be some great […]

Swarm Season / Too Much Rain

I do not think that in 45 years, I have ever seen as much rain as we have received here in North Texas over the last two months. Too much rain can be detrimental to our agriculture.

Besides the obvious problem of erosion of our topsoil, there are other problems with too much rain. When […]

Storm-Downed Tree – Honeybee Removal

A neighbor took some good photos whilst I was removing bees from the downed tree last Sunday evening. They were pretty defensive to start with – but as soon as I puffed a little smoke – they settled down. No tags taken, though the homeowner had taken a few earlier in the day. They are […]

Bee Yard Inspection and Class

During today’s bee-class, we went through several established hives as well as a few hives that have been recently brought in from removals from people’s homes.

Wall-to-wall brood! This beautiful queen has been hard at work – laying eggs wall-to-wall in her domain. This is going to be a great queen to be a […]

Rainy Day Removal – Deck

These bees were living in a 16″ wide joist-space under the back porch deck at a local condominium. Unfortunately, it was an overcast and rainy morning – so while the removal DID go smoothly – the bees let me know that they were displeased with being exposed to the rainy elements today. They had a […]

Something’s Squirrelly!

Unexpected Removal (1st of 2 today)…This spot has had bees in the past (years ago) – and about 3 weeks ago – the homeowner noticed bee activity again. They were referred to me for the removal – so with the height – I borrowed scaffolding from another beekeeper. Once I got up there – it […]