Pollen Coming In – and Swarm Traps/Lures


This last weekend was beautiful in north Texas. Friday, I saw a variety of pollen coming into the hive – including a nice bright yellow-orange color; some was a pale yellow-white in color; and other -(presumably henbit) was a blood-red. The henbit has been flowering for the last 2-3 weeks, now. Daytime temps have […]

Urban Sustainable Ecosystems Symposium

Spent all day today at the Texas Discovery Gardens ( ) – manning the Texas Honeybee Guild booth for the “Urban Sustainable Ecosystems” symposium. ( )

Day two looks to be a great list of speakers scheduled as well! Amber and I will finish painting our hive woodenware before heading out to day […]

Ready for Spring – but where’s the oil-based paint?

I”m ready for spring to be here! Though, I do still need to paint my hive bodies and make my screened bottom boards and top covers.

For some reason, though, I’m having a hard time finding oil-based exterior paints to use on my hive bodies. I’ve checked at Lowes (always check their “Oops” paint shelf) […]


My Borage plant was thirsty, so I watered it, and turned on the time-lapse app on my camera.

Swarm Traps Made

(Update 2/15/2013 – Over the last year – the number one search term linked to my site has been “swarm trap plans”. Thusly – I’d like to link over to Rob’s set of downloadable plans for hive products. (Sorry – Rob’s site is no longer accessible) Old Link here: )

( and now back […]