The City Bee and the Country Bee

In a land – not so far away, there lived a hive (or 8) of honeybees. These honeybees were known as “city bees”.

They were well-versed in finding the flowers, pollen and nectar that were planted around humans’ homes and parks. They visited trees, flower gardens, vegetable gardens and all sorts of city-places to find […]

Cutout by the Lake

I received a call for honeybees that were located in a home – near a local lake in a gated community. The home is about 25+ years old. Upon inspection – I determined that the bees were (luckily) located above the fascia board near the roof line. the variable being – how high into the […]

West Nile Virus – Aerial Spraying

As if insult was not bad enough when they started spraying for West Nile Virus infected mosquitoes. Now Dallas County plans to move forward with aerial spraying of Dallas. That’s definitely adding injury to insult! (Yes – I know it’s backwards – but it’s how it is)

WNV is reported to give the same symptoms […]

Score at an estate sale

Shannon and I visited a Tyler area estate sale last weekend. I’d gone through the house – as well as the tool shed, and didn’t really see anything that caught my eye.. until we were leaving – I glanced down at a brown box.. that simply said “bee box” on it.

Of course, my interest […]

Trapout – for naught…

The trapout posted several days ago will not work. The bees have another entrance/exit about 10-15 feet in the air in the tree… There were no foragers from the bottom, because they were simply there for ventalation.

I’ll re-evaluate the tree later in the week, and see if I can close off the main entrance, […]