Needing a new roof!

Hail from storms this spring has prompted many homeowners to need new shingles put onto their roofs.  Unfortunately, when bees occupy space in the soffits, the work crews cannot work to hammer the new shingles into place – as the bees become just a bit perturbed at the violation of their vibrational space by hammers.

dscn3979_sm dscn3981_sm

They are in the soffit – to the left of the chimney

dscn3984_sm dscn3985_sm

Once opened – the hive was exposed, and the comb and bees removed from the void space.  A closer view of their home:

dscn3989_sm dscn3990_sm dscn3987

And once the bees and comb were removed, the void space was filled with insulation, and the soffit was reassembled.

dscn3999_sm dscn4005_sm

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