One House, Two Hives

This homeowner knew that she had bees for “a little while” – however, really could not pinpoint exactly how long.  There were two spots that the bees were entering and exiting the home – so there were two possibilities:  Either there was one LARGE hive, with two entrances…. or there were two separate hives – about 10 feet apart.


Once the ceiling and wall was opened by the window – it was evident that these were in fact, two separate colonies.


From the ceiling and joist space by the window, I could see that there was a LARGE colony to the right…  and that the bees by the window were actually in the wall – and not in the joist space.

dscn3909_sm  dscn3919_sm

The insulation was moved aside – and here is the view:


These bees – though numerous – were of a very good demeanor – and have been moved to the bee yard after the removal was completed.






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