Poetic License – or Sacred Spirals – Soffit Removal

Bees moved into a home in Poetry, Texas at least three years ago.  The homeowner loves bees, and really does not have a problem with them being here – however when it was time to hire a contractor to do some routine maintenance and upgrades – the bees needed to go – so that progress […]

Needing a new roof!

Hail from storms this spring has prompted many homeowners to need new shingles put onto their roofs.  Unfortunately, when bees occupy space in the soffits, the work crews cannot work to hammer the new shingles into place – as the bees become just a bit perturbed at the violation of their vibrational space by hammers.


Laura’s Bees

This was the first of two removals today.   Great bees – but too close to Laura’s cement pond  😉   Scooped the queen in probably the first handful that I grabbed from the cluster after pulling out the comb.  They all moved into the box today, and will head to the bee yard (or an observation […]