Tawakoni Water Meter Bees

This homeowner had bees move into the water meter last year.  Concerned for the safety of the water meter readers – he called to have the bees removed.

This was 2 weeks ago, and I am happy to report that the bees are doing well after their removal from the water meter, and are […]

Wastewater Treatment Plant Bees

This North Texas Municipal Water District wastewater treatment plant has had bees in the past.  This year – they have them again.  From the look of the comb, these bees have occupied this space right at a month to 6 weeks.  The queen was a bright orange color, and easy to spot.


Valve Box Bees

These gentle ladies needed a new home so that the homeowners could put their house on the market to sell. I had a helper on this one- who shows a promising future in beekeeping. The valve box was almost 2′ deep, and there was a LOT of capped brood. I’ll leave the box for a […]