Been there a little longer than anticipated….

One of the first questions I ask of a homeowner with bees is:  “How long have they been there?”.   Many times, the answer will be “I’m really not sure – maybe from last year or early this spring”.  And occasionally I’ll hear “They just moved in this week – come get them NOW!  It’s an […]

Wastewater Treatment Plant Bees

This North Texas Municipal Water District wastewater treatment plant has had bees in the past.  This year – they have them again.  From the look of the comb, these bees have occupied this space right at a month to 6 weeks.  The queen was a bright orange color, and easy to spot.


Double Trouble

These bees were occupying space in 2 irrigation control valve boxes.

Lawn maintenance crews would not go near the boxes with bees, so I was called in to perform the honeybee removals.

Each hive was very small, and had queens that looked to be well mated (from the eggs and larvae pattern in the […]