Valve Box Removal – No Smoker – a bit of attitude

When performing removals – we don’t always get to pick the ideal conditions.  Environmental factors play a big role in the behavior of a hive.

When it’s windy, overcast, humid, etc, etc… there are more bees at home than usual – and are in defense mode instead of out foraging.

After 2-3 days of rain – I had a window of time to do this removal.  As guessed – they have a bit of defensive attitude due to:

  • Rainy prior (and current) days
  • Overcast Sky
  • I forgot my smoker

What?  Why would you do a removal or ANY bee work without a smoker?  It can be done.  Should it be done?  Probably not…  But with proper knowledge of how to deal with the bees, it’s possible….

Now – a month after this removal, the bees are doing well in the nuc box they moved into.




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