Nucleus Colonies (NUC) honeybee hives for sale – Harmony Hollow

MAY 2018 – Harmony Hollow has added nucleus colonies (NUC) to the line of products available.  NUCs are a “starter” colony that include a mated and egg-laying queen of known Italian genetics, several frames of eggs/larvae/brood, at least one frame of resources (nectar/honey/pollen) and a frame with foundation for the bees to draw fresh comb […]

Preparing for the 2015 Beekeeping Season

Lots of work is in the planning stages for the 2015 beekeeping season. There are boxes to build, frames to assemble, foundation to install – oh – and did I ever mention a barn to build at Wolfsong Farm? This should give me a secure space to keep my beekeeping woodenware and equipment.

Plans are […]

Hive Brand

Here’s a pic of my new hive brand for marking my woodenware. Made by a friend who is a welder/metal worker.

Late February Hive Check

We’ve had such a mild winter – it makes me worried that we’ll have a cold snap in the next couple of weeks approaching Spring Equinox.

Today was such beautiful weather. At 7pm, it’s 75 deg. F., and we hit 77 today. We’re supposed to have lows in the mid-30’s this Friday night, though.

The […]