Late February Hive Check

We’ve had such a mild winter – it makes me worried that we’ll have a cold snap in the next couple of weeks approaching Spring Equinox.

Today was such beautiful weather. At 7pm, it’s 75 deg. F., and we hit 77 today. We’re supposed to have lows in the mid-30’s this Friday night, though.

The bees have consumed quite a bit of the dry sugar that I had placed on top of the inner cover. That leads me to believe that the honey super may be empty (or close to empty) at this point. The bees are bringing in a HUGE amount of pollen, though.

Today I also worked on building several screened bottom boards, and I branded some of my hive bodies & supers with a branding iron that I had custom made by a friend that is a metal-worker. I’ll post a pic of the brand as well as the branded woodenware tomorrow.

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