2019 – NUCS – Bees for sale **SOLD OUT**

2019 – Harmony Hollow has added nucleus colonies (NUC) to the line of products available.  NUCs are a “starter” colony that include a mated and egg-laying queen of known Italian genetics, several frames of eggs/larvae/brood, at least one frame of resources (nectar/honey/pollen) and a frame with foundation for the bees to draw fresh comb onto.


Author – Kim Flottum presenting at CCHBA meeting on 6/13/2016

Kim Flottum, author for Bee Culture: The Magazine of American Beekeeping – will be presenting tomorrow (Monday 13 June 2016) at the Collin County Hobby Beekeepers Assn. monthly meeting.  Click HERE for Kim’s website

From his bio page:

After receiving a degree in horticulture from UW Madison, Kim Flottum worked four years in the USDA […]