Leather (and canvas) conditioner and waterproofer

When the weather turns wet, and the old work boots (or leather hat, etc) just is not waterproof any more, think about using a leather conditioner to rehydrate and waterproof the pores and stitching of the leather. (note – this conditioner can be used on canvas tent material as well)

Amber’s work boots were dry, […]

Harmony Hollow – Leather Conditioner

Harmony Hollow now offers a proprietary blend of beeswax and neatsfoot oil as a conditioner “paste” for leather. Solid at room temperature, it softens easily with the warmth of your hands, and can be worked into your untreated leather.

I personally use it to condition and waterproof my leather boots and gloves. It keeps […]

Leather Crafting

A North Texas leathercrafter contacted me for beeswax earlier in the year. His intention was to use it in a recipe as a leather conditioner and waterproofing (or water-resistant) agent. He used beeswax, and softened the wax with Neatsfoot oil. You can find recipes to fit your needs in many publications or online. Here’s his […]