Swarm Traps Made

(Update 2/15/2013 – Over the last year – the number one search term linked to my site has been “swarm trap plans”.  Thusly – I’d like to link over to Rob’s set of downloadable plans for hive products.  (Sorry – Rob’s site is no longer accessible) Old Link here: http://robo.bushkillfarms.com/beekeeping/downloads/ )

( and now back to the original post – dated 1/24/2012 )

Last week, I started a quick little project that I saw plans for on http://www.beemaster.com. The Swarm Trap Plans are easy to interpret, and the project went quickly!

Another source of plans is on BeeSource.com – at: https://beesource.com/build-it-yourself/

Swarm Trap

Swarm Trap

I made 15 honeybee swarm traps. Each trap holds 5 “deep” frames. A pheromone lure will be placed in each trap, to attract a feral swarm to the box. Now – to paint them so they’ll last, and mark them with my identifying brand / label.


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