Valley Ranch Bees – In the wall!

This removal – though fairly straightforward – had the potential to go VERY wrong The wall stud-space was not insulated – I suspect because there was a vent-stack as well as electrical lines in that portion of the wall.

Care MUST be taken when cutting into any unknown void (i.e. drywall) to ensure that no electrical, plumbing, gas, etc. lines are damaged. These bees were very docile – and I suspect they had been in the space for well over 2+ years – even though a neighbor just recently noticed bee activity outside. The comb was a very dark brown color – indicating some age to it.

After the bee removal was complete, I was able to caulk the entrance the bees were using – from the inside – then filled that wall-space with insulation. In this case, the homeowner has a neighbor that is performing the drywall repairs.

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